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  • Lauterbach

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Historical old town in idyllic surroundings

Narrow little cobbled alleyways, romantic spots, lots of small shops and picturesque half-timbered house fronts – although Lauterbach’s historical old town is compact there are still many places that invite you to linger.

The town landscape, which has grown over centuries, not only draws historians, but is also delights visitors with an eye for detail. A beautiful building here, a quaint motif there – there is so much to see and admire.


Historical guided tour of the town - the living history lesson

Romantic half-timbered buildings, little shops and numerous sights: Although Lauterbach is not a large town, the picturesque alleys of the old town are always worth walking round; after all, Lauterbach can look back on a 750-year history.

On the historical tour of the town, you can set off on the trail into the past and get to know the most beautiful sides of the town under expert guidance.

Hohaus Museum - Town history in pictures and artefacts

The Hohhaus Museum also grants an interesting insight into Lauterbach’s history. The small Baroque castle “Hohhaus” constructed between 1770 and 1778 as a palace for the Barons Riedesel zu Eisenbach has been home to the collection of the Lauterbach Museum since 1931. The most precious treasure of the museum is the Late Gothic altar of Mary created around 1480.

You will find this and many other artefacts from past times in the Hohhaus Museum!

Segway tours - Explore Lauterbach on a segway

Do you want to make a special quick tour through Lauterbach or the surroundings of the town? Then the Segway is perhaps exactly the right way for you. With competent instruction, you will learn to handle this unusual means of locomotion in a jiffy. Don’t worry – you will find it easy to accelerate, brake and steer. In next to no time, you will be ready for a great Segway tour to the most beautiful spots in Lauterbach and the region.

Geocaching - modern scavenger hung through Lauterbach

The bronze Strolchdenkmal – one of the town’s most important landmarks – shows a young lad who, according to the legend, has lost his stocking in the River Lauter.

Help him to look for his stocking! Geocaching is a modern form of scavenger hunt, in which you can get to know our town’s history with the aid of GPS. The operation is easy to learn and after brief instruction you will be ready to go. The selected checkpoints will lead you to striking places in the old town, where exciting questions and puzzles await you.