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The most beautiful sides of the region

There are also beautiful tourist locations outside the town of Lauterbach. Use your time for exciting day trips into the region – the surrounding area is full of historical significance. 


Stream tour - stroll along the most beautiful streams

The Lauterbach Stream Tour takes you, as the name already indicates, past the small, idyllic streams of the region. Most of the time on your stroll you will have the pleasant babbling of streams in your ear. Your route is ideal-typical for the northerly Vogelsberg: Gentle hills, unobstructed views, woodland and meadow landscapes, permeated by little streams, solitary trees and biotopes. The imposing Schloss Eisenbach represents the cultural high point of your excursion.

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Hainig tower - a tower with a view

Southeast of Lauterbach rises the local mountain of the district town in the Vogelsberg, the Hainig (417m). On the Hainig, in the midst of an old stand of oaks, stands the Hainig Tower, a formerly wooden lookout tower, which was first erected in 1882 and then rebuilt as a stone tower in 1907.

The Hainig Tower is a popular destination for hikers in the Lauter Valley. Even the ascent to the Hainig Tower is beautiful, whether you start from Lauterbach or from Eisenbach Castle. The oaks surrounding the Hainig Tower are said to be up to a thousand years old.

From the Hainig Tower you can enjoy uninterrupted distant views over the Lauter Valley and deep into the Rhön Mountains to the east and to Fulda. The door to the ascent is usually open during the hiking season (April to October).

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Castle town of schlitz - like in a fairytale

The fairytale town behind more than seven hills… Picturesquely embedded between the uplands of Vogelsberg, Rhoen and Knül, lies the Castle Town of Schlitz. It is a medieval jewel and balm for the soul. Not just because of the heavenly country idyll, but also because something very independent and special has remained here.

Phrases such as “the magic of an old countship" or “traditional culture" say too little – you have to have seen it with your own eyes. Discover the romantic town of Schlitz on your next visit!

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Alsfeld - be a guest in a european model town

There is a lot to see and hear in the European model town of Alsfeld: Romantic little alleyways, idyllic squares and lots of historical buildings and stories. The Alsfeld Town Hall is one of the best known German town hall buildings, and also one of the most interesting from the perspective of art history. Also worth seeing is the Alsfeld Fairytale House. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey into the world of fairy tales, sagas and legends.

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Baroque ciry of Fulda - 1,250 years of history

You will find sights and artistic treasures from more than 1,250 years of history in Fulda, which was founded back in 744. The Baroque Cathedral and the romantic Church of St. Michael are featured in every architectural guide. The Residence, the Nobles’ Palaces, the Orangery and other buildings worth seeing form the Baroque Quarter, an ensemble of high urban architectural value. Lovingly restored half-timbered houses, hidden squares, blooming gardens and parks, old craft businesses, picturesque courtyards, exciting museums, cosy restaurants and much more besides… The Baroque City of Fulda has a great deal to offer.

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The Wasserkuppe Rhön - the highest mountain in Hesse and Rhön

950 metres above sea-level, the Wasserkuppe Rhoen is the highest mountain in Hesse. But it is not only the height of the Wasserkuppe, but also the eventful history surrounding it that make the mountain a special attraction in Hesse and Rhoen.

We would not want to conceal from you the historic significance of the Wasserkuppe: It was, for example, an important tool in the Cold War and was used as the starting point for the first glider flight.

Numerous sport and leisure activities still await you around the peak.

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